Keep Your Poodle Safe When in the Car

As we touched on above, trauma is a serious issue to be aware of. Keeping your Poodle properly seated when in the car is vital.

Car accidents happen more than you may think. In the U.S., there are over 100 deaths PER DAY from car accidents. This is over 37,000 per year. And in regard to injuries, 2.35 million people are injured each year. Globally, there are 3,287 PER DAY.
Dogs are not being kept safe; A joint study by AAA and Kurgo Pet Products found that 52% of pet owner drivers routinely have their pet with them in the car, but only 16% used a proper safety restraint.
How dangerous can it be if you don’t follow this care tip? Here’s some examples of crash force:
Crashing at 20 MPH, an unrestrained 10 lb. dog will suffer a 200 lb. crash force.
At 40 MPH, an unrestrained 30 lb. dog will suffer a 1,200 lb. crash force.
At 50 MPH, an unrestrained 40 lb. dog will suffer a 2,000 lb. crash force.
What to do: Make sure that every time your Poodle is a passenger in your car, you have him properly restrained.
Toy Poodle and many miniature Poodles do best (and are safest) when in a booster canine car seat. Small dogs do best with booster seats, as these work well to keep them safe, and also allow them line-of-sight which can cut down on motion sickness and general restlessness.
Adult Standard Poodles, will need a car safety belt. You may wish to opt for a ‘direct to tether’ accessory which connects from your Poodle’s harness to your car’s seat belt. These are very easy to use and you can leave the attachment clicked in, so that it only takes 3 seconds to secure this. Another option is a harness & connector all-in-one, which is both the harness and the short belt that connects that to the car’s seat belt.