Feed your poodle

Feed your poodle a diet rich in protein and calcium.

There are many kinds of wet and dry dog food on the market, with prices and flavors varying across a diverse spectrum. Don’t get overwhelmed by the variety, though. The most important thing about picking your poodle’s dog food is that it contain 1 or 2 whole proteins—for example, “chicken meal” or “lamb meal” and not “poultry meal” or “meat by-product”—at the top of the ingredient list. Avoid foods with a grain or other filler listed as the top ingredient.[3]

  • Many people choose to make their poodle’s food in order to control the recipe and make sure no extraneous chemicals or additives go into it. There are many recipes for homemade dog food, but all of them should have 3 fundamental ingredients: meat, vegetables, and a filler carbohydrate such as rice.[4]
  • No matter what prepared or homemade food recipe you opt for, there are certain foods which you should avoid at all costs. For example, keep your poodle away from raw meat, dried fruit, fried foods, and allium vegetables, such as onions and garlic.[5

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Feeding your Poodle the right food affects him both now and long-term. Far too many commercial brands are subpar; they may have chemicals such as artificial colorings, flavoring and preservatives which can cause everything from itchy skin to upset stomach.
Many also have fillers which are zero calorie elements that only serve to plump up food (making it appear as if there is more than is actually there); these are not absorbed by the body and simply get flushed out. These are responsible for making a dog hungry soon after he ate and for lack of nourishment despite eating.
The other culprit is by-products which are ingredients deemed unfit for human consumption, but are perfectly legal to put into dog food; this includes beaks, feathers, stomach lining and other things that you wouldn’t want your Poodle to be eating.
Issues that may get in the way: It’s easy to fall into the trap of feeding what you ‘always have’, choosing a familiar sounding brand at the store or  offering what seems to be popular.  However, you may be inadvertently feeding a 1, 2, or 3 star rated food.
What to do: It’s recommended to offer a 5-star food and at the least, 4 star, which means that it will not contain the above mentioned elements and will offer a healthy, balanced diet. Our top pick is Orijen; it is clearly one of the best.
If you are not sure what rating your Poodle’s food has, you can find out at DogFoodAdvisor.