Dental Hygiene

Poodles tend to have tooth problems; this ranges from decay to tooth loss, so making a concerted effort to care for your Poodle’s teeth goes a long way both his overall health and his quality of life.
Just like humans, plaque is constantly being formed. Without removal, this hardens on the teeth (tartar) and travels under the gum line.
It often leads to decay, gingivitis, infection (which not only can be exceedingly painful for a dog, but also can travel up into the sinuses or even to vital organs) and eventual tooth loss which can cause major problems for older dogs.
Roadblocks: Far too many owners assume that a dog does not need any care given to his teeth and that chewing on toys is enough. It’s not. Implementing at-home and professional dental care can add years to a dog’s life.
What to do: There are 3 main steps to take:
1. Brush your Poodle’s teeth. Once per day is recommended, for at least 3 minutes. Use a quality canine toothbrush and canine toothpaste.
2. Give your Poodle quality canine dental treats. We highly recommend Greenies; these are the top vet-recommended dental treat, are well received by most dogs, help remove both plaque and tartar and will help maintain both healthier gums and teeth. In addition, a nice added bonus is that they freshen a dog’s breath.

3. Professional cleanings are important as well. During your Poodle’s annual wellness check, the vet will inspect the teeth, looking for signs of decay and assess any buildup. X-rays may be taken and any outstanding issues should be treated ASAP.